aiTWork System

aiTworks System (HR database system) is an original system that lets any business from restaurants, salons, health institutes, legal offices, and more, to find a skilled professional needed. It is not easy to find professionals needed for your company through advertisement or staff agency. aiTWorks System lets you find a skilled professional instantly by the unique HR database system.

Visualized skill score

Visualized skill score calculated by the test 3 main skills of each professional are tested and calculated, and scores are displayed.

confirmed background

Academic and professional backgrounds are listed which are detailed and confirmed background.


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How to Use aiTWorks

Submit your company details and start a job with one of our workers.

Register here: http://hr.aitworks.com/register

Submit your job details and requirements.

From our talent pool, we introduce you to experts who have the required skills for your job.

You can check their skills easily by our unique talent profile and download their resume.

We support you to contract with the worker you have chosen.

Why Choose aiTWorks?

You have so many reasons!

Quality and Safety Assured

It takes only one minute to apply. We deal with thousands of clients from all around the world. Workers registered in our network are prepared to handle a multitude of jobs. We interview and test each worker in our network to ensure quality and safety for you.

Communication Support

We support communications between our workers and your company as needed to avoid miscommunication and complications. From long to short feedback to questions, we welcome your inquiry at all times.

Find Workers Quickly

With our high-quality network, we can find the best match quickly. Registering a job does not cost any fee, only pay once you contract with a worker. Our company's strengths are working quickly while providing services at an affordable price.

Easy to Use

Only one minute to complete registration with singing up for free, and customer support will always be happy to assist you if you have any problems. Our aiTWorks system that emphasizes ease of use also reduces stress during employment hunting.

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