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The home page is the face of business.
Website development, design, online setting, EC site construction, system linkage (API), requirement definition, HTML CSS, programming, script construction, etc.
We will use the knowledge and technology necessary to create a website to grow your business.

Our previous work

System development, software development, program integration (API), etc.

All App development includes: iPhone application, android application,
web application, etc.

We handle everything from design to app development.

Still using your @gmail.com email address for your business?

To improve your business, let us take care of creating your own designated domain and managing your email account.

Need to get the original domain, but don’t know how to do it?
We will support and provide advice for domain acquisition, and management your domain.

Server construction, DNS setting, security measures, backup, management, etc.

By taking SEO measures, your website will be visible to many people.
We will reach Google search No. 1 with the compound keyword selected within 6 months.
Our SEO measures will continue to become the No. 1 Google search by updating after and after, and we can expect to attract more customers.
In one of our many businesses, when you search for a certain keyword, it always comes to the top of Google search.



In this day and age, business cannot succeed without digital marketing.
We will work with our marketing specialists to improve your business with long-term marketing achievements.

SEO / SEM support: Order keyword selection, compound keyword selection, strategy provision, etc.
SNS support: agency support, photography, influencer introduction, etc.

Looking for a graphic designer?

Catalog production, business card (design) production, electronic catalog production (web posting), thumbnail image production, etc.

We provide high-impact designs necessary for business.
Branding business utilizing social media such as Instagram, Facebook or Youtube, Social Media Marketing is a much more important element of branding than the SEO required to run a website.

At aiTWorks, we will use the know-how of influencers who have many followers on SNS to help overwhelming results and marketing on your Instagram and Facebook.

We have contracts with American/Japanrese influencers who have more than 1 million followers, so we can make a big contribution to customers who are thinking of expanding their business in the American market. We also produce videos for branding.

Crowdfunding agency service using INDIEGOGO, Kickstarter, MAKUAKE, etc.

Video shooting, CG production, using Japanese models (influencers, etc.), Japanese narration, video editing, video production for Youtube, planning and directing, etc.

Our Newest Production is here:



From business consulting to IT consulting,
we provide professional feedbacks and support for your comapny’s growth.

Our HR database system is an original system that lets any business from restaurants, salons, health institutes, legal offices, and more, to find a skilled professional needed. It is not easy to find professionals needed for your company through advertisement or staff agency.
*More than 100 registered as of March 2020

More Details about Employment Agency
Office Work, Design, Documentation, Business Support, and more…
We find a worker to meet your needs.

More details about Outsourcing Service
You must obtain a visa to work and stay legally in the United States.
However, many people have failed in the process of obtaining a visa. Please note that some types of visas are often very restrictive and inflexible.
The visa you get depends on your goals, so be sure to clarify “what you want to do in the United States” before you come to the United States.
Many students have come to the United States properly and are returning home because of visa problems that prevent them from achieving their goals.

More details about obtaining U.S. Visa





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Email: takashi@aitworks.com