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Office Work Orders
Our Office Clercks Will Handle Your Work

HR, sales, marketing…
We support your
business operations

up to $20/h

Leave the Legal Complications To Us

From immigration to accounting,
we’ll take care of the legal complications

Starting at $30/h

Design Orders
Web Design For you Business

Astonishing digital first impression for your audience

Starting at $200

Print Design For your Business

Market your products/services in the most effective way

Starting at $300

Build Customized Websites

Our experienced web development team will build a high-quality website customized just for your business

Create Visual Materials

Photo/video shooting and editing to create convincing visual marketing materials

Starting at $30/h

And More

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The aiTWorks System

aiTWorks System is our unique human resource database that acts as a platform for companies and skilled professionals to build a virtual team easily and quickly.  Unlike other crowdsourcing platforms, aiTWorks interviews and tests each professional in our database to confirm their identities and skills, so our clients can rest assured with the best workers. 

This is an easy, quick and safe way of having your dream team for a project!

Start to the End in Just Three Steps

Quality and Safety Assured

It is very easy to join the aiTWorks System. Do it easily online and for free by filling our from.

Request For Work

Your job request will be added to our network as soon as you create an application. Just follow the simple steps online. We will be glad to guide you over the phone should you require assistance.

Wait for "delivery"

Once your job has been pair with and completed by the right professional, you will inspect the products/services, give feedback, then if successful, your contract will be terminated, If you have a new job for our experts, please hire us again!

How to Use aiTWorks

Now you can start your project with the worker.

Register form:

Submit your project details to requirements.

From our talent pool, we will introduce experts with the required skills.

You can check their skills easily by our unique talent profile and download their resume.

Submit your project details to requirements.

Now you can start your project with the worker.

We will support communications between you and our workers as needed. You can tell us about any issues or concerns regarding our worker or project anytime and we will work on resolving them.

Congratulations! Everything is done! Come back to us if you have more projects which need to be completed by skilled workers.

Why Choose aiTWorks?

You have so many reasons!

Quality and Safety Assured

It takes only one minute to apply. We deal with thousands of customers from all around the world. Workers registered in our network are prepared to handle a multitude of jobs. We interview and test each staff in our talent pool to ensure quality and safety for you.

Find Workers Quickly

With our high-quality network, we can find the best match quickly. Registering a project does not cost any fee. Our company’s strengths are working quickly while providing services at an affordable price.

Communication Support

We support communications between our workers and your company as needed to avoid miscommunication and complications. From long to short feedback to questions, we welcome your inquiry at all times.

What Are You Waiting For?

Please do not hesitate to call our customer support


Hours: 10am – 6pm (Mon-Fri)