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Pastry chef/general manager/business staff

We are hiring a pastry chef/ general manager/ business staff at a popular pastry in Las Vegas!

Pastry chef: experience as a pastry chef, preferred bilingual (Japanese/English)
General Manager: management experience, mandatory bilingual (Japanese/English)
Business staff: experience in business field, people who ability to grow the business

Sushi chef

We are hiring a sushi chef at a high-end sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills!

Experience as a sushi chef at least 3 years
Japanese-English bilingual (A conversational level required)
 Necessary a valid working visa

Digital Marketing

We are hiring a digital marketing specialist at Japanese hair salon!

Experience operation and analysis of E-commerce site and social networking service
Experience video/image creation


We are hiring an accountant manager at Japanese accounting firm!

Experience as management and sales
Have a knowledge as an accountant

dental assistant/reception

We are hiring a dental assistant or reception at Japanese dental clinic!

Experience as a of dental assistant
Available to apply with no experience

sushi chef

We are hiring a sushi chef at Japanese restaurant!

Experience as a sushi chef
Available to apply with no experience

nursery staff

We are hiring a nursery staff at Japanese preschool!

Bilingual (Japanese/English)
Familiar with Japanese culture

sushi chef apprentice

We are hiring a sushi chef apprentice at high-end sushi restaurant!

Ability to speak Japanese
Available to apply with no experience

kitchen helper

We are hiring a kitchen helper at Japanese restaurant!

Ability to speak English
Available to apply with no experience

sushi chef

We are hiring a sushi chef at high-end sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills!

Experience as a sushi chef
Bilingual (Japanese/English)

warehouse staff/office staff

We are hiring a warehouse staff/office staff at beverage industry company!

*Hiring a warehouse manager as well!

aiTWork System

aiTworks System (HR database system) is an original system that lets any business from restaurants, salons, health institutes, legal offices, and more, to find a skilled professional needed. It is not easy to find professionals needed for your company through advertisement or staff agency. aiTWorks System lets you find a skilled professional instantly by the unique HR database system.

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